Unakite is a stone that encourages visionary abilities by opening your psychic vision.

It works through the third eye chakra and aids you to visualize the things you desire in your life.

It has an excellent balancing action for your emotions, bringing your emotions into line with your spiritual aspects.

Carrying the gemstone as a companion stone will help one to maintain a balance between spiritual and physical lives.; allowing them to join forces in assisting one to create the life one needs.

Unakite is excellent at removing obstacles to one’s personal growth. Whether it is an issue from childhood or last month’s catastrophe that is draining energy and holding one back. Meditations with this Unakite will aid in releasing pain and anger that one may have been having trouble letting go of.

One may use Unakite to build self-confidence, as it strengthens courage, assisting one in taking control of the aspects of life that one is able to yield power over. Giving confidence to transform anger and fear into positive constructive energies. Like love and compassion for oneself.

If you are wondering how to sleep better, this is one of the healing crystals that will assist better sleep, and will also help to relieve stress.

Addictive habits that you have had difficulty dealing with, will be helped by its energy, as it will give you help to break through the barriers that have held you back from being able to achieve your desires.