In the metaphysical world, spirit amethyst or cactus amethyst is considered to be a crystal of alignment and harmony. All of the tiny points surrounding the central, candle-shaped crystal are said to amplify the energies given off by the main stone. This crystal is described as “a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony” by Naisha Ahsian in the Book of Stones. Spirit quartz is believed to radiate a high vibration energy in every direction, spiritually uplifting anyone in its vicinity and aligning chakras, auras, meridians and the entire physical body. Placing it in the home may facilitate bonding between family members, particularly after a new member (such as foster children, adopted children, or young relatives) has joined the family. Many claim that its mere presence soothes sibling rivalries and eases jealousy and resentment stemming from the merging of step families. If you participate in a collective activity or work in a service-based occupation, keeping spirit quartz with you or wearing in set in jewelry on a regular basis may lend a productive harmony to the group, stimulate team building and prevent group members from becoming worn down by budgetary or administrative restraints. You may also consider keeping one of these crystals as a companion if you are feeling left behind and in need of comfort, as it is said to provide understanding and solace. After death, it is believed to help steer the soul through the afterlife and deliver it into the loving hands of those who will welcome it home. 


Spirit amethyst