These high quality gemstones are expertly engraved with the Usui Reiki Healing Symbols.

The use of these symbols is like adding a long focus of your energy and anchors the work that you do.


The key symbols or reiki symbols are the energetic keys used to enhance and access specific energies. Each one represents a certain attunement and can work to help you empower your life and healing techniques. The different symbols quickly connect the user to the Universal life force described above. Meditate on each symbol to draw on their healing powers.


Created from genuine sardonyx stone, these highly polished, stones are amazing healing tools!  Sardonyx in itself  (without the symbols) is a stone with a highly protective energy. It also has a very healing energy so is a great stone in which to harness the vibrational properties of the reiki symbols. 

What makes Reiki distinctly different from other hands-on healing modalities is the use of ancient symbols. These symbols carry instructions for healing which are recognised in the body and energetic field. They are like a sacred code, a language which was designed to bridge cultural and historic barriers.

Reiki Healing Symbol Stone