Snakeskin agate will help you blend into your environment and travel without being seen in both the physical and the spiritual worlds. It is  useful stone to have with you when you are doing a soul retrieval.
Snakeskin agate strengthens the base and sacral chakras, embedding the soul in the body and the earth, and facilitating full acceptance of incarnation.
This stone is an exceptionally cheerful stone that will assist you in eliminating worry and depression from everyday life and connects you instead to the joy of living. It will remind you that, just as a snake sheds its skin, you can shed your past and be reborn. This stone will activate the Kundalini if placed on the base or sacral chakras. Snakeskin Agate will help you deal effectively with devious people and difficult situations. 
Snakeskin Agate will help smooth wrinkles and heal skin diseases such as psoriasis. It will alleviate the symptoms associated with hearing disorders and the stomach.

Red snakeskin agate