The Quantum Galena results from a wonderful combination of galena with shatuckite, chrysocolla and turquoise. This new stone brings powerful vibrations for the harmony and balance of body, soul and spirit. His action will interact with the chakras of the heart, throat and spiritual eye. Its soothing force supports transformation and spiritual awakening. This beautiful stone ensures better communication and brings clarity that makes it possible to discern the false of the true. The Quantum Galena stimulates our intuition and inspires us in the decisions and choices we have to make. The action of galena provides the inner strength necessary to weather the stresses of great changes. It connects us to the heart of the Earth and anchors us in the strength of our being. This stone helps us to appreciate our incarnation and to live according to the present moment. This stone allows us to dissolve the emotional disturbances and free us from fear, worries and sadness.

Quantum Galena