Merlinite is a black and white stone. A background of White Opal with some dendritic (fern like) inclusions of a black mineral called Psilomelane. Occasionally, there is some Iron/Hematite staining that shows as brown patches. Merlinite can help us to remain both open and approachable even though we may have suffered from bad experiences ourselves. It promotes better contact with our environment and with our fellow human beings too. Merlinite can also enhance our organisational capabilities. Merlinite both promotes our levels of contact with spirit and also aids our own spiritual growth. It is a stone of magic, reminding us of the memories of wizards and alchemists. It's black and white colouring is said to blend heavenly and earthly vibrations together allowing us access to the spirit and shamanic realms and to the Akashic Records too. Merlinite lets us bring magic into our lives.