Malachite may help one to look deep within oneself and to stimulate instinctive and intuitive reasoning, allowing for positive change which in turn facilitates advancement.  It is an excellent stone to clarify the emotions, for allowing recognition as well as release of negative life experiences which one may not or cannot recall. Used with caution, this transformation shall be strong, gentle, and thoroughly cleansing.

Assisting one to remember the strong connection to the All, Malachite refreshes one’s outlook and allows one to search the inner core without the fear that generally holds one back, leading to an unobstructed path leading to the desired goal on the search.

Malachite is wonderful for increasing one’s concentration skills, as well as being beneficial to the physical, psychic, and intuitive vision. It will assist one in finding a balanced path between desires of ones ego and the higher will. Aiding in the removal of emotional blockages and inspiring one with new and fresh ideas, Malachite will in turn help to manifest the goals that have been set. Soothing to one’s soul, it shall release stress to assist in creating new beginnings.


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