The New Moon represents the energy of the new or new beginnings! So it is useful to join the New Moon's energy to activate

our intentions and dreams, reach our goals or start a new project.

The New Moon becomes a tool of great power to better support our dreams and desires.

We can harness the energy of the New Moon to fulfill our visions and see them come to fruition.

To fully exploit the power of the New Moon, we created the New Moon Crystalisman, which combines a Moonstone,

a labradorite and a Rose Opal with an energetic amplifier. The whole having received lumino-vibratory impulses to bring

a valued help for the realization of your objectives.

By using the following ritual it will be possible to better direct the energies of the New Moon to support the realization of your objectives:


1- Take the time in the 3 days preceding the New Moon to clearly specify the objectives to be achieved. Indicate them in writing on a blank piece of paper.

2- At the time of the New Moon meditate with the New Moon Crystalisman set by directing the thoughts on the objectives to be attained so that they receive the energies of renewal.

3- Expose the Crystalisman set with the Objective Sheets to the New Moon's rays so that they become imbued with the growth force of the New Moon.

4- During the 7 days following the New Moon, carry the stones of the New Moon Crystalisman so that the energies it has received from the New Moon become self-absorbing.

5- Put the written objectives on the energy amplifier and install them in your abundance zone of your home or room.

According to the rules of Bagua, this zone is located in your upper left corner of the square of your home.

Take a moment to relax during this ritual and you can light a candle or incense.Let your soul guide you and clarify your intentions, because

the way we develop our wishes and goals are important. It's important to feel that our wishes are already alive and that they are powered by the

Universal light.


New Moon Crystalisman is a tool to adjust our vibrations on the amplifying force of the New Moon.


Crystalisman New Moon