This crystal is a high vibration stone and appears as bright Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst Quartz or Citrine Quartz, often with inclusions of Amethyst, Smoky Quartz Phantoms or bubbles and on occasion, with inclusions of Chlorite.  Brandberg Quartz is rare and found only in South Namibia, Africa.  Brandberg Quartz is a powerful stone for spiritual alchemy and connects your spiritual being with “All That Is.”  Brandberg Quartz crystal is attuned to the white flame of pure consciousness, emanating infinite compassion and is the perfect crystal tool to use for deep soul healing and forgiveness.  Brandberg Quartz is an effective tool to aid healing work on all levels, rapidly linking to multi-dimensions and assisting in looking inward or climbing the vibrational ascension ladder. Brandberg Quartz facilitates conscious awareness when traveling to dimensions and instills brainwave combinations that enhance meditation, regression and auric healing.  Brandberg Quartz is a versatile crystal and each one carries the resonance of clear, smoky and amethyst vibration more than any other stone, however the stones are person-specific and task-related and attuned to either earth healing, soul or karmic tasks, and so on.  Some crystals do everything and size has no relevance, only the resonance that counts.  Brandberg Quartz calls in positive light, and is considered a gate keeper that protects against psychic attacks and repels negative energy.  This crystal works by restoring the "etheric blueprint" to its original perfect energetic state.  Healing is often instantaneous and profound and filters into the mental, psychological, emotional and physical bodies restoring balance on all levels.  When working in shadows or the underworld, Brandberg Quartz protects and holds a light and facilitates purification and integration of those parts into your present self.  When placed on the soma, soul star or stellar gateway chakras, Brandberg attunes to your core spiritual identity and facilitates true self-reflection and conscious activation.  When placed on the heart seed chakra, it assists travel to the between-life state to ascertain your soul plan for the current lifetime and shows how to return to your original soul plan.  This crystal removes blockages from the third eye, enhances spiritual or psychic sight, and accesses guidance from the purest source.  Brandberg clears the higher heart chakra and opens the throat so that spiritual truth is spoken with unconditional love and compassion.  

Brandberg quartz / brandberg améthyst